Go ahead make your move

Yesterday was just so gloomy yet sunny too. A very moody weather!  Well, the weather and my mood collide as if they were like best of friends ha! So, as I was taking a bath, I realized it's 29th of March! Zamboanga Bloggers will meet with someone from Sun Cellular. Honestly, I was still making up my mind if I'll attend or not.  Blah blah blah to cut it short, I still went and had fun with Sun! 
Food welcomed us! :down:
Some Peanuts.
Baked Clams! These looks yummy but haven't tried it haha
Buttered Chicken
Fried Rice
Those are some of the food that was served to us. :uptum: Meet the bloggers! 
Patricia Tan: PRESENT! 

Look what Shine, Ced, Sir Ryan, K and I are holding! Do you have any idea what's the freebies already? :peace:
With me!
With ze girls!
With Mr. James Lim,  Senior Digital Manager for Marketing Services at Sun Cellular.
We headed to Paseo to munched some Knicker Bocker!:down:
Cool Ambiance isn't it? No edits done here! 

Detachable Collar from Rhea | DIY Fringe Necklace | Cianelle Ring |  Sun Cellular Pouch
Five by five Strappy Wedges

That's it! I'm not going to make this post long! Mr. James Lim gave us a free broadband stick with Simcard and load too! Thanks much! They got bunch of promos too! Like the Postpaid Plan 250,  includes unlimited Sun-to-Sun texts, four hours of Sun-to-Sun calls, 500 texts to other networks plus a free Samsung E1080 phone. Cool right? Sun Cellular merged with Smart/Pldt too! Mr. Lim told us if Sun broadband has low connection we can switch to Smart/Pldt! Awesome! As much as I want to blab how awesome Sun Cellular is but I need to cut it here.  Anyway, To know more about their promos visit their website, Sun Cellular! What are you waiting for? GO AHEAD MAKE YOUR MOVE! Enjoy with Sun! Ciao! Xo, lalala