Cheezy Bacon Fest

Your KFC favorites just got cheezified and baconized!  :uptum:
 Cheezy Bacon Chik'n Fillet
 Original Recipe chicken fillet with chicken bacon bits and cheese sauce served on a warm water-split bun. 
and A mini bucket of KFC's flavor coated Crispy Fries topped with chicken bacon bits, cheese sauce and mayo. 
Because the butterflies in our tummy were starving in the middle of night! Pigging out with K. 

WHY DOES KFC TASTE SO GOOD? The delicious taste of KFC is a result of both our world-famous heritage and appreciation of local palate. From signature recipes and processes, product innovations, all the way to a deeply loved gravy, KFC Philippines continues its commitment to serving up dishes and moments that are, simply, so good. For more info, KFC Philippines! Til' next! Xo, lalala