Fun day in the Park

Anyong- haseyo!  Updates after a long hiatus! Eek! Summer classes and duties are right in the corner! Which means less blogging  but here's what I've been up to these past few days. We had fun day in the park! Here are some photos. :down:
I really like this shot! Thanks K. 
This one too! :uptum:
My passion seems to be his passion too!  
Look! He's big now! He can sit alone already! 

K took most of the photos! Is he improving? :peace:

Can you see the fountain behind them? A perfect timing! 
My turn with Kian!

Howdy everyone? Hope you enjoy my quick update! Gonna share another "what-I've-been-up-to-these-few-days" tomorrow!  And hey! Someone suggest me about doing a Facebook Fan Page for my blog. So, I'm thinking to create one! What do you think? And I told K to start his photoblog through tumblr or where do you think is better? Anyway, Support us okay? Thank you! Til' here guise! Take care. Xo, lalala