Earth Hour Bonding

Another day, another bonding moments with friends! How's your earth hour last Saturday? Well, me? I spent my night with friends! :down:
Mae and Wally with Fracasso Pizzas! :uptum:
Pizza Carbonara. Eewk! 
& Meat Combo! 
K was goofing around with Wally!  
Our city participated with the Earth Hour! Actually, there are hundreds of lanterns flew in the sky that night! 
Playing Fruit Ninja and Temple Run with K that night! 
& surfing the net too! Wally took this! 
When the clock strikes 12, we fed our hungry butterflies... 
Just something to nibble! 
Onion Rings, Cheese Sticks...
Squid Rolls
Bonding with friends will never be complete without food! :uptum:

Wally with Baby Kian! 
First pose. 
Second pose. Pout! 
Third pose. Aaaaaah! 
I will never ever get tired of hanging out with the same people!  Good afternoon guise! K has photoblog already!  Follow him, here! Here's my Facebook Fan Page, Patricia Tan! Fan me too! Thanks! Until here guise! Ciao, lalala