Maundy Thursday

As we all know, it's holy week! And we're all busy lighting candles,visiting from one church to another, praying, and whatnot! So, Seed Interactive crews decided to have a photowalk yesterday. :down:
 Ze crews! 
 Random shots...
The Footbridge. Thanks to K for the second photo. 
 Lively ate. 
 No she haven't stumble instead she's trying to go down. 
 "Tikman ang sikreto ng lakas ko!" -Sting for only 5php. 
 "100 taon ituloy ang happiness" -Coca Cola
Pepsi, Tm and etc... So many sponsors!
I like this shot! Thanks K! 
 One of my favorite shot! 
 Sip your drinks! 
 Carved figures of Jesus Christ, Sto. Niño, Mama Mary and many more...
Rock on! Yeah \m/
 Batikulun. Yumm!

K took this! :uptum:
 Our feet!
I like these photos too! K took a photo of mine while i'm doing my thang! 
 Light of the candles.
 Don't forget to thank the Lord for everything!
 random shots...
A groto on the wall!

How about you? What's with your holy week? Is it pretty good? If not call your friends and try photo walking! It's fun! Happy Good Friday! Adios! Xo, lalala