What's for merienda?

Are you being holy this week? Haha Well, it's Sunday. I assumed we can eat meat already? Correct me if I'm wrong! :peace: So, what do you usually eat during "merienda" or snack time? I ate a lot! You can serve anything to me but for now I will share to you what I recently fed my hungry butterflies!  Just a short update!
Homemade Spaghetti! Yumm!
 Or just grab an Ice cream! Perfect for the hot weather! :uptum:
Cornetto Disc!

I hope you guise are doing good! I'm not pretty excited for next week! Gonna be a busy bee because of school related thang! Oh c'mon who the hell loves duties and lectures? Haha  Gotta be ready for that! By the way, please help like my Facebook Fan Page! Check it on my sidebar! You can hit the like button easily! Thanks! Til' next Adios! Xo, lalala ♥