He's the one

Who has been your inspiration throughout your life? Well, I'm proud to say that he has been my inspiration since then!  The one who motivates and inspires me in doing things even though it's difficult to fathom, to believe in myself, to be responsible enough and a lot more! :uptum: Since this little kiddo came into my life, I never want to give up on anything! Every time I feel blue, I just think of him and he blew everything away! Well, he is truly a blessing! Thank you Lord!   Here are some shots that K took while he's playing around! :down:

He can stand already but he still need some guidance! 
Look at those eyes! 
He's such a cute-y! 
pinch pinch pinch! 
Whatcha looking at? 
Oh well! If you notice, he's biting my devilish case! He loves that because it's made out of jelly case! 

I hope he made you smile somehow! I decided to share this post because my hell days will gonna start tomorrow!  Haha Enjoy the rest of the summer everyone! Goodnight! Xo, lalala!