Oh, girls, just wanna have fun...

Howdy everyone? End your week with a heavy dose of awesome! Just a quick update. Photos from last night's event! Let the photos speaks... Haha :down:

Some details while we're waiting for the debutant's gown and etc. 
Debutant's wore these fake nails! Looks fab 
Let's start the proper details. One of her shoes! 
Her bouquet. 
Her three layered cake!
With mini cakes too! 
Meet the Debutant! :peace:
Isn't she gorgeous? :uptum:
One, two, three pose!
The debutant's giving her opening number! 
 Fierce look! 
Her second attire! Dainty! 
With her last dance. 

It's our turn! Behind the scenes...
While waiting and detailing some stuff...
Oversized Top from Mum | Jordache Shorts | DIY Two-toned flats
 Thrift Accessories
 Don't mind my second pose! Haha
Don't forget to hype if you love my look! :down:

I just love this shot! Super duper cute right! 

Did you notice the photos from the start, it's just natural. I want it to be that way and the second part for the behind the scenes were obviously edited. I think Rhea's aiming for a vintage-y shots but I like it!  Alrighty! I need to get ready now. Got appointment with my girls!  Enjoy the rest of the day! Adios! Xo, lalala