One Friday...

Ni hao! How's everyone? I miss you!  If you've been following me on twitter you know how busy and pissed I am this week. Why? If last Saturday some files were corrupted, Lastnight the same thing happened! But now it's from my celly, the worst thing and breaks my heart so much was Kian's photos, videos, recorded voices and etc were all there. ASDFGHJKL!  What can I do? Nothing! Trying to retrieve it but I doubt! I didn't bother myself to blog but life must go on. 

So tonight I'm going to share some photos from yesterday's work slash styling with Rhea. It's our first Pre-Nup styling!  I don't have photos for the first set 'cause clumsy me forgot the memory card!  Haha But I can't help myself! So I asked Sir Ryan if he has extra memory card. Luckily, He has!   Here are some of my shots. :down:
I love how nature cooperates with them!
 All I did from the start of the shoot until the end was "Kilig"!  Who don't? Haha
They struck sparks off each other! 
Got no more intact photos to share for the last set. Sorry! 

Behind the scenes...
Look! Disobeying rules!  BAD BOYS!
Good girls! *beautifuleyes* 
1, 2, 3 epic fail! 
We just love the colorful tiny flowers! 
 Thanks to Rhea for this! :uptum:
Time for beauty sleep. A long rest for a long day tomorrow! WORK AGAIN! Yipee! Excited!  Ciao! Xo, lalala