Happy Monday

How's your Monday everyone? Mine is pretty good! I took my last minor exam awhile ago. Yea! I'm done with our research defense! Another YEA! It feels so good! Starting my week productive. :uptum:

Do ya feel the hawt weather these past few days? It's been killing me! ugh  I can feel it while heading home awhile ago. Anyway, when I got home my dad and mum told me I got a package from someone who has similar with my name. 
Yess! FINALLY! I got Patsy's giveaway! Lookie! :down:

 Bellissimo Secrets Fruity Lips on a butterfly container! Cute! 
 Jane Norman Wallet - Bunch of compartments I like! 
 AND AND the Vivi Magazine- Yay for THIS! 
 Paging hon Rhea! You can borrow it anytime! weeee  Honestly, I didn't expect to win this giveaway. I just joined because of this purdy magazine. Haha 

This is what I wore awhile ago to my Tita's birthday party. Just a monochromatic drama! I haven't use my wedges/heels 'cause I don't want some attention! Overdress in a small party is a no no!  Keep it simple! Hope you like it! Goodnight Everyone! Xo, lalala