Saturday Corrupted

Today was fun! But it turned out...never mind! Today turned a family day for us. We bond once in a blue moon though we see each other at home. Since it's my granny's birthday, we visited her grave. Light some candles and pray! 

Kian and I goofed around the car. 
We decided to eat our dinner out. I took some pictures and all.
We headed home right after. And Blackout welcomed us!  Okay. Out of boredom, We played Pinoy Henyo. Yea!   I opened my lappy right away so I could blog. I checked the photos and my heart crashed. Some photos were corrupted because while I was transferring the photos it blackout all of the sudden.  My happy day turned out sad! Anyway, this is what i wore awhile ago. :down:
Blue Daisies Cardigan
Thrifted Polka Dots Pink Top (turned white) | Old Navy Shorts
Got details for the top and shorts but it's corrupted! DARN! 
Celine Flats

Ending my post with K.  Hope your day is well unlike mine it's still depressing!  Uhh forget about it! Haha Until here guise! Goodnight Rain!  Xo, lalala