A school girl rants.

Been hiatus for almost three days! Why? 'cause it's exam week! Eek! Thank God it's Friday! Rest day for being a student but it doesn't mean it's a rest day here at home. So much chores to do! 

Anyway, my tonight's rant is all about... Food again? Haha kinda! But what's up with my day? I took my RS exam in the morning, watched "Jack and Jill"(hilarious movie) in the afternoon while eating these.  :down:

Jollibee Burger. K ate the fries 
Mang Juan Chicharon & Piattos. Then i fell asleep.  As i woke up, we ate Pastil!

 If you don't know what's pastil, it's a muslim delicacy which is a noodle-like(pansit) and wrapped in a dough like empanada. You can order the noodle-like(pansit) too if you like. It's kinda spicy and that makes it yummy!  This is what i wore awhile ago...
Ice Watch | Belt Bag from my bestfriend
Nike Shoes
(C)elebrities Shirt | Candy Jeans 
Not my usual get up aye!  Since, I missed wearing a tee + jeans + dunks. How's everyone? I MISS YOU GUISE!  By the way thank you for supporting my blog. It hits 12,000 for all time hits and 3000 for the unique hits today!  And I just won Patsy's Giveaway! Lucky girl! Imma share it to you right away if I got it already. A great way to start the month! :uptum: Until here guise! Xo, lalala