Just a short update! How's everyone? I've been busy these past few days, haven't been online much!  Screw the busy schedule! :peace: Gonna share my yesterday's outfit from work.

A metallic top was already in a bold silver, I thought I'd use more basic colors with it to avoid looking too loud. Since metallic sweater is already a statement piece, so, I just throw on a simple black and gold tassel necklace and that's it! Simple laidback-but-glam lookI finished off the look with sequined flats to keep it casual and make it more wearable for work. :down:
 DIY Tassel Necklace
 Thrifted Metallic Top
Cianelle Bandage Leggings
 Celine Flats
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A metallic sweater added a twist already so be careful not to go over board. Just make sure that you keep everything else simple and balanced. Stick to the basics and work your way around it. If you feel comfortable with what you're wearing, then give it a go! Until here guise! Gonna share yesterday's photos soon! Adios! Xo, lalala