Howdy? Despite with my busy schedules, lemme share you something from work tonight! It's my first garden wedding experience! I usually witnessed a church wedding but this is quite different. I will let the photo/s speaks for itself. :down:
The bouquet...
The gown and shoes
random shots..
Meet the groom. 
and the bride. 
Time for make up...
Something to nibble for the guests...
Pinespple inspired | Chocolate fountain
Watermelon. I love how they prepared it! :uptum:
Lollipops | Jellies
Colorful bubblegums
Umbrella Cocktail
The Venue
Random centerpiece
Ceiling Light
Let's witness the wedding ceremony
Bible Bearer | Ring Bearer
Bride's last walk being single! Ha! 
Signing of contract
They're both left handed. Meant for each other? 
Goofing around the camera!
Toss | Lanterns
They lit up the sky with flying lanterns!  Can I say more? That's prolly unforgettable experience for them!  How about you? What's your wedding plan? Is it a garden wedding too or whatnot? Haha Check out Seed Interactive for more photos! Until here guise! Busy bee needs some rest! Goodnight! Xo, lalala