Hello! Enjoying your summer? I've been pretty busy with school-related stuff lately but hey I always make sure that I look good wherever I go. Haha honestly who don't? 
With my busy schedule, I just covered my eye bags with those magic concealers!  A little of blush on, just to look bubbly-and-not-pale. Plus the lippies, the lighter one. :uptum: Tadaaah just a simple look and that's it! Sometimes your simple look could amaze people because of your natural beauty!  

GTW Plain Tee
Blanc Et Noir Skirt 


Thrifted Bow Ring | Bayo Necklace
Parisian Fordable Flats
Do you like my simple get up? Don't forget to hype! 

Just got home and gonna blog my random rants about my today's agenda tomorrow or next! I hope you're enjoying your summer despite your busy schedule like me!  Til' next guise! Ciao. Xo, lalala