Another day in the Park

Because of power disconnection in our city, K and I decided to spend our day in the park with Kian! Since it was so hot, we headed a place that has a relaxing atmosphere. We thought of Boy Scout Tee Pees in Pasonanca Park. :down:

The stage, where boy and girl scouts lights a bonfire.
Kian's innocent look. 
Pacute! He's the cutest! 
Titanic? Haha 
He's trying to stand alone already! 
Look how Kian enjoyed his day!
K's random shot..
going home...
Here's the tee-pee-like structures made of metal-sheets and painted green. 
Thanks to K for the photos! I was supposed to post the photos when Kian wore the DIY Iron-On Transfer I made but unfortunately I have to post this first.  Wait for my next post and next for the step-by-step. :peace: Tomorrow's Monday! Have a good week ahead! Til' my next post! Ciao. Xo, lalala