Finally, I got the chance to go online! I cannot even tweet because of the crappy wifi connection!  Anyway, *drum rolls* here's another day with K and Kian! Oh well thanks to the power interruption again and again.   We bonded together somewhere. So, I treat them to Jollibee. Hey look Kian's wearing the DIY Iron-On Transfer I made from Plaid Enterprises! Twiddle your fingers for my next post! 
As of now. Look at these. :down:
Kian's munching some fries. Nom nom nom! 
He's looking at the balloon outside.
Look what he's wearing! :uptum:
Cutie Pie! 
Goofing around with daddy!
Lolo Jolas and ninang Mae went with us!
Playing inaround the playground.
He's enjoying! 
We headed to boulevard after. Look at the sunset! 
Beautiful place! :uptum:
then we went home blackout welcomed us! Hello to candles...
and lamps too! 
Did you notice we are all wearing white Tees? Coincidence! Haha it's a white day for us! Means purity!  Hows everyone? Hope all is well! Enjoy your rainy-sunny week! Adios. Xo, lalala