DIY: Plaid Enterprises

Finally! I got bored, so, I decided to make use of the materials which Plaid Enterprises sent to me. I know i know it was super late already but you know how busy I am and I don't wanna waste any materials for review sake! I want it all to be worth it! Yes, things like that. 

Leggo! Things I used: :down:

From Plaid Enterprises: Silk Screen Stencil | Iron-On Transfers | Simply Screen Paint
Other Materials: Hard Board | Brush | Plain Shirt | Iron
First,  Prepare the cutting board, Iron-On Transfer, Shirt, and Iron.
 Place any paper on top on the hard board for any leaks. 
Lay the project out on a hard, heat tolerant surface such us cutting board. (If using a padded ironing board be sure to put hard surface above padding.
Heat fabric surface with iron prior to positioning transfer. For easier positioning, trim closely around design. Place transfer (rough) side down onto right side of fabric surface.
Iron design design for approximately 60-80 seconds. Apply even pressure over design while ironing. Heavier fabrics may require more time, lighter fabrics, less time.
Immediately peel backing paper away from fabric surface while transfer is still hot. Be careful not to burn your fingers. After heat is applied, transfer should be permanently sealed onto fabric. Then tadah you're done!
Next, Prepare your other materials. Silk Screen Stencil, Brush, and Simply Screen Paint
Position the Silk Screen Stencil  and put a little of the Simply Screen Paint then use the brush for spreading.
TADAAAH! You're done! :)
Final look! 
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wait 48 hours before washing and turn garment inside out. Remember: If you hand make it, you should hand wash it.

Hope you like my simple DIY Shirt! Thanks to Plaid Enterprises for the materials! More DIY soon! You can check my previous post here on how the shirt looks like when worn.  Thanks! Xo, lalala