A good way to start the month

Since it's summer slash classes for me, we decided to take a break and feel how hot summer is. Thanks to Labor day for making that day possible.  haha okay nuff said. How's everyone going? As usual, me is pretty busy but I'm doing fine. 

Last Tuesday, we went to this so called new resort named '"Lutong Pinoy ". Oh well, sorry in advance, I haven't took a lot of photos because of the cute littol kiddoo.  It's sort of a family slash friends bonding. Say hello to huge lake! :down:
Believe me, It's very huge! 

Cute flying bird!
You can also ride a boat. We didn't  try it,we just fed our hungry butterflies. :uptum:
With ninang Mae. 
Goofing around while waiting our orders. 
                        K with Kian and me with Kian. To whom did Kian get his cuteness?Well!Haha
A few shots before we leave. 
Kian with lolo Jolas and Ninang Mae. 
"To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there!" 
Gonna end my post with my hilarious pose! Haha That's what you get when your tired from busy schedules. Don't mind it! I hope you all are doing good! Enjoy your summer. Til' my next post! I miss everyone here! Xo, lalala ♥