sunny & happy

Howdy guise? Do ya feel the heat? I mean the summer?    Well, I just miss you! Can summer classes end like tomorrow? A very busy slash hell schedule! I go to class from 9am to 2pm then 3pm to 11pm for my duty! It's Monday to Friday and sometime's Saturday too!  Now tell who can blog with that schedule? Okay enough with the dramas! Haha

I got bunch of chika but for now lemme share my current Body Lotion and Body Mist! Just a short update. :down:
 Tadaaaah! It's from Victoria Secret! :uptum:
 sunny & happy 

PINK with a splash, $15 | Drenched in PINK, $12

All-Over Body Mist: I really like the smell! Not to strong, just right! If you know what I mean. 
Super soft Body Lotion: The moment I saw this I'm hesitant to use it! Why? 'cause I thought it was like a hand lotion, the stick-y feeling? Yes! Of course, you won't spread it all over your body! right?  But the moment I tried it, I drenched in pink! This creamy lotion hydrates my body from tip to toes with the super softening cotton complex and a healthy combo of vitamins E and C! Smells so happy with sunny freesia & starfruit! 

I hope you discover new things from me! :peace: How about you? What's your current Body Lotion and Body Mist? Lemme know! Before I end this post, Happy Mother's day to your Mom! Happy weekends  Xo, lalala