A day with Senator Chiz Escudero

Do you know how happy I am last Tuesday?  Oh well let me tell you how and why. As I read  Maria Irene Aserios's post on Zamboanga Blogger's group about who we're interested to meet Chiz Escudero. With no doubts, I right away contacted her. I told my mom about it and she forced me to go. Thanks for the support mom! :peace:

You just don't know how grateful to be a blogger!   You can meet and chit-chat a "high-profile" people or even your idols too. So now, it's time to say Cheeese! :down:
The Press Conference Setup! Trisha Kue was with me! :)
Senator Chiz Escudero's Corner. 
The microphone. Just random shots before it started! 
Ms. Candice who took care of us! Thank you. 
The food preparation! 
Native Foods were served such as Lokot-lokot, Biko, Empanda!
Pansit. There's a Chicken too but I forgot to take some photos! 
Four Seasons Juice? 
Tadaaaaaah! Meet Senator Chiz Escudero! 
He was so humble! It's my pleasure to meet him! 
The media were doing their thing!
Don't mind my face haha I'm just so happy!  I asked him a few questions.
Me: What's your usual getup when you travel or when you go on vacation?
Senator: Actually, ganito.. Maong at T-Shirt lang. Pag sa probinsya or sa weekends nakashorts lang ako. At tsinelas.
Me: I see. Are you brand conscious?
Senator: No, pero off the rock ako sa Zara. Sakto sukat sakin un! (Fin)  
There's more..
Someone asked him: Senator single ka pa ba?
Senator: Ang sagot ko dyan, Single na ako! 
Someone: Musta po ang lovelife niyo?
Senator: Hindi diet coke, regular coke!  everyone *laughed*
A nice angle for me! I'm sitting right in front of him!  Haha:uptum:
Unfortunately, He's not running for President nor for Vice President. He stated "It's not yet the right time".
After the presscon, we decided to stay and watched his interview in the Studio. 
Actually, we just really want a picture with him before we go. haha  right Trish? 
With Mr. Ronniw Lledo, Trisha Kue, Sen. Chiz, Me and Mr. Ryan Elumba
Last photo. Credit to Sir Ryan for taking the photos! 
My attire during that day! Hyped it if you like. Thank you! 

It's really a great opportunity to meet someone like him! You guys better blog, So you can come and meet big people! Haha  Hope you enjoyed my post. Off to duty! Take care everyone! Xo, lalala