Geo Bonita Series Review

 Let's take a break with those photoshoot thing I got!  Haha It's time to give way with Geo Bonita Series Lens Review! These goodies was sent to me weeks ago. Uhh super late review.  Sorry Jhia! I have been very busy with school stuff lately! :peace: Again, these sweet goodies are sponsored by Red Jhelli Shop! Thank you so much! 
Geo Bonita Brown (CM-724)
DIA : 14.0 mm
B.C : 8.6
Water : 38 %
Life span : 1 year
No Lens | Without Flash
No Lens | With Flash

With Lens | Without Flash
 With Lens | With Flash
 I like how the lens blend so well with my natural eyes. Though the color looks like gray when worn not brown! But the lenses are just fine, it's not annoying for everyday use.  :uptum:

Since these lenses  are 14mm wide in diameter, I feel comfortable. It didn't irritate my eyes. 
For the packaging, it comes with a box as seen above. You can rest assured with your lenses. They keep it so well with the Lens case. For my opinion, I hope they could enhance more with their packaging, so that clients would love and come back to them every now and then. 

OVERALL: ★★★★☆
The only problem with these lenses was I couldn't easily know if it's upside or down because the color/patterns looks equally the same.  But if your looking for comfortable and natural looking, I could highly recommend this one for you. Not the showy-type of lenses but the typical-shy one. 
 Full Face Photos
My "makulit" na hair! 
Don't forget to visit Red Jhelli Shop to enjoy sweet goodies like these! For discounts use this coupon code: RED-PATRICIA07! Enjoy! These full face photos were taken before the shoot! I found out my new "best friend" that day, Make-up.  Anyway, How's your Monday? Is it Bonita like those lenses i'm wearing?  Well mine was fine. We're starting to practice for our Acquaintance Party which is a week and half after! I don't have any idea what's going to happen during that day. Come what may!  Naww, I can feel my eyelids start to feel "heavy”, like they want to close Til' my next post! Ciao. Xo, lalala