First Day of School

Classes just started and I already want to be done. Haha! Just kidding!  A pretty hectic schedule will always be part of my day to day life! The best everyday quizzes!  Well that's life, I'm used to it! 

Anyway, Since this is my last year, my goal is to enjoy every moment that I have left.    Finally! So, let me share you a short update what I have slash did for my first day of school! 

As always, my favorite notebook! But there's a twist in here look! :down:
You like it? :uptum:
 Ever Bilena Concealer | Fashion 21 Stick Eyeshadow/Liner | Mary Kay Eyeshadow / Blush On | Ever Bilena Advance Lipstick with Lip Gloss
These ones protect my tootsies pretty good. 
Look what I found! My devilish case! 

How about you? What did you do with your school stuff for this semester? Or what stuff did you buy for school? Hopefully, I could update my blog time to time! *crossed-fingers* As of now, We're getting ready for our Acquaintance Party! Our theme is "BREAK THE ICE: Let's go beyond zero!" What to wear? Haha I'm excited! :peace: Til' my next post! Xo, lalala