Random-antic thing

There are so many romantic things to do for your partner! You can watch the sunset together, give random gifts, and many more! It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. As long as you love what you're doing!  I'm going to share with you guys how to enjoy some late-night snacking with your lover and make memories that last a lifetime! Uh-huh! It's not what you think it is. 
It is also a perfect treat if your boyfriend is feeling under the weather, treat him to a perdy, homemade get well noodles.  Taking the time to make your own get well noodles will show your significant other how much you care about his health and well-being. Or surprise him with nutrient-packed edible treats that will help his immune system fight against the illness while tempting his taste buds! :uptum: Let's start! :down:

Pansit Canton (noodles), I prefer the chili hot spicy noodles! Believe me  you'll enjoy eating a whole lot more ! 
 Cook a sunny side up egg! Don't forget to customize it! 
  To enhance its aesthetic appeal, don't forget the art of Food Presentation! It's a must for me!
Cook some delicious Pansit Canton (noodles) with egg and decorate them with your love. 
 Of course, your night wouldn't be complete without your favorite energy drink! 
Don't forget to add a touch of cool to your drink.   
Grabbed some photos on Facebook, Meet Mr. Canton Egg Hotdog!  
Geyour favorite food to nibble on while you're watching your favorite movies, chit-chatting together! This will make your relationship much stronger! Have fun and enjoy!  You can make every second memorable! Happy weekends to everyone! No class for me tomorrow til' weekend!  Don't forget to join my giveaway! Check it HERE. Thanks! Adios. Xo, lalala