Less is more

How's everyone going? Are you busy with school stuff already or not yet over with the summer fun? It's first day of June! What's your plan? Me? I'm gonna update my blog time to time. :uptum: I got blog list already and I don't know where to start!       

Despite my hectic schedule I wanna share my simple look yesterday, my dad's birthday bash! But before that let me share what happened yesterday. We went to the salon to get my hair invisible-trimmed.      K don't see any difference, my bad haven't check my hair after because I'm running out of time. Nevertheless I didn't care at all cause I'm too busy trying to make DIY stuff for myself.   

Time to get ready and make everything set. So, we planned to surprise my dad at Gerry's Grill Restaurant (a newly open restaurant here in our place). But we got him a chocolate sweets before heading the venue! Let me share some photos tommorrow. As of now, let me feed your eyes with my images.   Kidding!

I like this shot! 
 Blue Daisies Black Blazer | Cianelle Lace-y Dress | Forever 21 Ring
Cianelle Melissa Viviene Inspired Wedge
At last, I got myself one. I'm dying to have one since...nevermind haha 
Remember, less is more. Don't over accessorize! 

 One or two pieces work better and are more interesting than too many stuff!  :uptum: Let me share this before I go, Rhea tagged me awhile ago. We were featured one of the ZAMBOANGA LOOKBOOKERS TOP 5 AS OF MAY 2012!   I'm inspired to blog and do a lookbook post more!  Anyway, Til' next time guise. I'm doing some school-related stuff in the moment! Have a lovely weekend! Adios! Xo, lalala