He never fails me!

Settled the date for the photoshoot, sketches and drafts of the magazine. After the long wait! :peace: Last April, the magazine that he modeled was finally released! :uptum: Well, I can't explain how happy I am seeing people grabbing a copy of the magazine! Who wouldn't be proud of him? He's too young to achieved something, he made his momma, no I mean the whole family proud of him! 
Here are some of the raw photos of him. :down:

 Supportive daddy! 
And tadaah! The Magazine!  I wanna credit Rhea for making things possible! Thank you honey!

He's turning 1 this coming August. I'm planning to give him a not-so-big but a fun-memorable celebration! I want a not common theme like Sesame Streets! 
  Can you suggest any theme that would be nice for him? It would help a lot! Thanks in advance!    
It's June 3! Most of you guise are excited to go to school tomorrow! Well, my summer duty isn't over yet!  No fun! Lol. So, til' my next post! Adios! Xo, lalala