Meet Usamimi

Wow summer is almost over for me! :uptum: So many errands but I'm doing my best to update my blog every now and then!  How's your first week of school? Did traffic welcome you? Haha As usual! Anyway, just a short lookbook update!

I really don't know what to wear during enrollment since school is going to be crowded with so many people!  I decided to wear tank top and high-waist shorts then flats! Omit the Usamimi headband!  I wore it at home already. Haha :down:

Cianelle Usamimi Headband 
Artwork Tank Top

Old Navy High-Waist Shorts
 EGG Bag | Cianelle Accesories | Parisian Flats
Just a simple look for ordinary day! Don't forget to hype. 

I wanna thank everyone who's always bumping here even though my blog is not that interesting!  I appreciate it a lot! You guise inspires me to blog more and be myself! Thank you!  I wanna do a giveaway soon, I just don't know how to start! Haha Anyone who want to collaborate with me? Just email me at! Imma wait for that!  Ciao! Xo, lalala