Since we're all waiting for the final touches on our soon to be released video clip, I thought of giving you a bit of a behind the scenes look.  :down:

Photo grabbed from Rhea! Thank you honey! 
Jannie's doing her thing and meet my co-model Kai from
Patsy, our videographer!  
Meet the people behind the scenes!  Got no photos with Rhea and Chacha! Huhu 
Thanks to Jannie's boyfriend, Cj Castillo for the photos!
Me as a Tree Fairy and Kai as a Colorful Fairy. 

Me loves the make up! Superb! :uptum:

Models: Yours Truly & Karen Grafia
Videographer: Patricia Sy
 Janna Parel
Stylist: Rhea Bue
Assist: CJ Castillo & Trisha Kue
Clothes & Accessories: Models’ own,  Rhea, Megs Na Zamboanga, Cherry Plum Boutique 

I had a great experience working with my co-bloggers! A job well done to us.  I'm so excited to see and share with you guys the Mori/Kei/Fairy Video Shoot! Let's twiddle our thumbs! I hope you are all doing good. Have a nice day! Xo, lalala