I'm going to share my two-in-one outfit last Sunday! Actually, This was supposed to be my post last night but because of some circumstances I wasn't able to. Hope you like it! :peace:

Leopard Corset & Melissa Peace (Sponsored by Megs Na Zamboanga) | Pearl Shorts (DIY) 
This was my outfit during the video shoot! Of course we were doing a video shoot so I didn't opt for the lovely wedges. Instead, I wore the ribbon flats here. :down:
Leopard Corset (Sponsored by Megs Na Zamboanga) | Hi-low Skirt (DIY) |
Blazer (Blue Daisies) | Ribbon Flats

After the shoot, K and I went home immediately to get ready for a party. Since I don't have time to think on what to wear, I decided to match the corset with my DIY hi-low skirt. Is it yay or nay? :uptum:

Before anything else, I want to acknowledge our Zamboanga Boutiques/Shops for sponsoring some lovely stuff during shoots! For me, It really doesn't matter if your clothes or accessories are branded. It's how you mix and match it with trendy stuff and how you carry it. Whether it is simple or old style, you can still rock and ramp the runway. Just believe in yourself! 

Anyway, check out our Mori/Kei/Fairy Video Shoot! Kudos to Patricia Sy of Hope you like it. Have a nice day ahead! Xo, lalala