Kai Grafia x Lalalapatricia Pretty Fairies Giveaway

Two pretty bloggers from Zamboanga are all it takes to make four lucky people happy this month of August! And why you ask? Because I and my fellow blogger, Kai Grafia of www.kaigrafia.com will be giving away super awesome prizes to four lucky individuals!  As my man and little kiddoo will be celebrating their birthday soon so i'll be celebrating it along with this giveaway while Kai just have a lot to be thankful for this past month that's why she feel super generous.   This is also in connection to the video that we had successfully finished filming along with other bloggers from the Zamboanga Bloggers Group! Wanna watch the video? Then check it here. :down:

We would also like to thank the sponsors who provided some of the prizes and you'll get to know them thru our list of Prizes.    I'm sure most of you skipped the first paragraph because you're just too excited to know what the prizes are.    Okay, so Kai and I will give you four sets of prizes and they are as follows:

*1st winner:*

1 EOS Bubble Brown Circle Lens from Red Jhelli

1 Necklace from Yuri Choi

1 Mary Kay Moisturizing Softener from Red Jhelli

*2nd winner:*

1 Pair Circle Lens of Winner's Choice from Lens Village

1 Necklace from Yuri Choi

1 Black Polka Skirt from Copper

*3rd winner:*

1 Pair Circle Lens of Winner's Choice from Lens Village

1 Necklace from Yuri Choi

1 Kai Fragrances 100ml Eau de Parfum

*4th winner:*

2 Fab Necklaces from Pink Me

1 Krave Blush Crush (Pink Muffin) from Jailex Couture

In order to win at least one of the set of prizes that you see up there, you'll have to do a series of tasks and they are as follows:

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*@lalalapatricia, @RedJhelli, @kaigrafia, @heyitsyuri, @shopcopper*

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Kai Grafia and Patricia Tan Offers giveaway for all!
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Giveaway is open to *Philippine Residents* only. This ends on September 10, 2012! Goodluck to everyone! Happy Friday :) Xo, lalala