Lazy Lacey

Before my head go loco with midterms, let me share you my last set of photos from my photoshoot with BIG MIKE! Hope you like it! 

 I don't know what to pose. I'm too shy! 

Another lovely dress sponsored by Pink Diamond! Check their sweet goodies on Facebook - Pink Diamond or you may visit their shop at Nuñez St. Midtown Plaza, Zamboanga City.

Just a short update. Hope you like my simple shoot. Thanks to Big Mike Muin PhotographyDon't forget to like them on Facebook!  Always remember, we are all beautiful and everything starts from within!   Midterms coming! Let's break a leg. :peace: Goodluck everyone! Don't forget to join our on going giveaway! Click the button below. Thanks! Adios. Xo, lalala  

Kai Grafia and Patricia Tan Offers giveaway for all!