Exactly one year ago, I was planning to surprise K in the middle of the night but unfortunately for some reasons, I can't. So I thought of making a mango float, leche flan and home-made cake for him! 

To make the long story short, I didn't make it for the home-made cake. Well I was stressed going up and down the stairs looking for the leche flan recipe!    I tucked myself in after that. Around 2am, I'm still wide awake and decided to make a letter for K instead! Haaa! 

The most awaited part, I woke up the next day and I feel like I wanna pee. When I got up something went out. Oh ow! Is that the bag of water already? Heeee. Tadah! I hope I gave K the best birthday gift! Meet my Super Kian. :down:


He's too cute right? He's indeed a blessing from above!  I want to thank God for giving me my own and wonderful family!:uptum:  Meet my superman too! 
Happy birthday to my superheroes. I love you so much! I mean it from the bottom of my heart!  

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