Hello Fairness, Goodbye Acne!

Hello Fairness, Goodbye Acne brought to you by Flawless Beauty Online

Another review and now it's not about contact lenses but about soap!




"A natural day and night regimen to fight pimples and make your skin fair."

Consists of:
GOODBYE ACNE! Anti Pimple Soap (Night Soap)
HELLO FAIRNESS! Scar Vanisher Soap (Morning Soap)

Finally, a Pimple Fighting Duo to add to your beauty regimen. Made of natural and herbal fruits and leaves combined with the most potent antioxidant which is Glutathione.

GOODBYE ACNE! Anti Pimple Soap (Night Soap)
- is a skin vitamin soap that helps clear existing pimples and prevents them from coming back. It is an antibacterial, anti-fungal and natural astringent. It contains real Tea Tree leaves and Papaine that helps whiten skin by exfoliating old skin cells revealing younger skin. It can be used on minor wounds and cuts and helps heal skin allergies.

Guava Extract, Tea Tree Extract, Real Tea Tree Leaves, Papaine 

HELLO FAIRNESS! Scar Vanisher Soap (Morning Soap)
- is an Anti-Pimple and an effective Scar Vanisher soap in one. It is powered by a potent antioxidant and skin whitener which is the Glutathione. It expedites the fading of pimple marks and scars with the aid of Rosehips Oil. The soap contains real Lemon Peel that provides great texture for scrubbing on your face and body at the same time lightening. Tomato extracts refines pores and prevents breakouts.

Glutathione, Rosehips Oil, Tomato Extract and Lemon Peel

A synergistic action of powerful plants and fruits and Oils for a blemish-free, healthy and whiter skin.

Be ready to welcome the new you!

I'm currently using the Hello Fairness Soap, a scar vanisher soap! Mind you I used it for my body  I'll let you know if it's good for sensitive skin, but as of the moment it don't give me some red spots after taking a bath like any other soap. :uptum:Since I don't have much pimples, I'll be giving away the Goodbye Acne Soap in my next giveaway! Ms. Lei the owner of  Flawless Beauty Online  even use that on her toddlers, especially with allergies and insect bites. So, watch out for it! Goodluck. Xo, lalala