Crissa Trail Blazer | Social Form Corset | Accessories from Fab Kikay & Local Store | Clutch Bag from Chelsea | Aztec Skirt from Mum's Closet | Melissa Peace from Megs Na Zamboanga

Let's talk about now what's behind the title! Haha If you have been following my Lookbook, you've probably noticed the blazer, corset, clutch and skirt were all murdered! Murdered in a way it was over-used! I love all of these pieces, so I put it all together and this came up! You like it? Don't forget to hype it up there! Thank you! :peace: Here's some random shots from Chelsea's thanksgiving party! :down:

JM doing his thing! 
The Gorgeous Celebrant! 

With JM! Don't you love our looks? 
 Cai, Me, Angel & Chelsea 

Hello guys! Just got home yesterday from a 3-day-retreat! It feels good to be back and a bed weather welcomed me!  How are you? I hope you enjoyed my post. I'm kinda still tired so I got no any idea to bla about it yet. :peace: Anyway, I with my co-bloggers will going to launch our huge giveaway next Monday! You better wait for bunch of prizes! :uptum: So, I'll end my post here. Xo, lalala