Red & White

Right after my class last Tuesday, I went to Angel's birthday and thanksgiving party! Her theme was red and white but... Haha  Anyway, I'm just sharing you some of my random shots from her birthday. I went late so sorry for the limited photos. :peace: 
Her birthday wouldn't be complete without her cake, birthday greetings, friends, family and especially to the people behind the party! It should have been a surprise party but it's epic fail! Haha  She's so smart and expert when it comes to surprises so she knew about it beforehand. You already! But for sure she enjoyed her day! :down:

Her talent! :uptum:
With Chelsea
Paging Rhea Bue, We badly miss you! 
Having fun! Trying the Gangnam Style. 
With awesome friends! 
... I decided to wear something monochromatic! 

I hope you like my short post. Just updating despite my roller coaster schedules!  I miss blogging and I miss everyone! Don't forget to hype my look and join my on going giveaway. Just click the button below. Thank you! Xo, lalala 

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