Why I've been MIA lately


 Just a short post. Let me update you why I've been MIA lately. Well, If you're following me on Twitter (@lalalapatricia), you probably know what I've been through these past few days.  sigh* 
Anyway, let's move on. My friends and I decided to burn off some calories!  So, we played badminton and chilled together. Antonov, Pic-A and GSM Blue accompanied us!  The hangover feeling when I woke up was epic! I really don't know what's gonna happen without Wally by my side. You already! Thank you! :peace: Before busy schedule starts we went night swimming last night. A relaxing night indeed!  
Moments with friends will never be replaced. :uptum: They'll never fail you. Swear! If you're feeling blue, call them up. They are just one text or call away! I also wanna thank God for giving me an awesome friends who comforted me during those times. I LOVE YOU TO BITS  Til here guys. Don't forget to join Zamboanga Blogger's Collab Giveaway. Thanks! Xo, lalala