Wake me up when September ends

Penshoppe Sheer Top | Thrifted Accessories |
Taylor and Company Bandage Skirt | Chick Flick Shoes

I've been so busy lately and a while ago a successful seminar was conducted! Just so you know we're done with our Research Defense too! I'm such a happy kid!  I'm so happy because two more weeks to go then hello sembreak already! :uptum: I got overflowing thoughts for you guys but I don't know where to start! If only I could summarize and share my roller coaster week I would! 
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Outfit Of The Day! Don't forget to hype! Gonna share some of our photos from the Seminar tomorrow or next! Twiddle your thumbs! :peace: I miss you guys! Thanks for supporting my blog even though I don't update it often. So in return, don't forget to join our huge giveaway! Check it out below! Thanks! Ciao! Xo, lalala 
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