When I first saw these pictures during our peace seminar, it struck my heart!  It took me a while to find these photographs, thanks to Mr. Aryameir Ismael, Director of Ateneo Peace and Culture Institute for giving me a copy. :uptum:

As Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Network – Zamboanga Peninsula asked for my help in their advocacy in preventing child abuse, breaking the silence, and empowering child abuse survivors, I'm sharing my experience with those photographs above that I believe will inspire everyone of us. It may not show all about child abuse but abusing ones environment leads to violence.:peace:

Now it's my turn to invite you to share with them a message, photograph, or even a story of a child abuse experience. Let's speak out and save the lives of abused children. Defend their rights!
Let us inspire other people!  

I invite you to participate in our aim to support the children and families that are in need of 
special protection in Zamboanga Peninsula.

Join us in our fundraising activity "Break the Silence, Run..Walk..Roll..STOP Child Abuse and Exploitation" on October 14 as we celebrate National Children's Month.

This is more than a fundraising event; it serves as a venue to heighten public awareness on child rights protection, the phenomenon of child abuse and violence.

Protect our Children and their Future. Thanks! Xo, lalala