It's just another manic Monday

Saranae Sheer Top | Dress Diaries Shop Skirt | Forever 21 Accessories | Michael Antonio Heels

Yesterday was just another manic Monday with friends! At last we reunited again. Thanks to David's birthday celebration! 
Don't forget to hype my look. Smooches.

Well, Lookbook pose/photos will never be forgotten with friends. :peace:

RHEA BUE, We miss you already! Come home naaaa!  
Ofcourse, all photos that were taken won't be possible without him! Thanks K! 

Huraay! I already have time to blog. Mehe :uptum:

First, let me tell you that I just finished the HELLO FAIRNESS! Scar Vanisher Soap sponsored by Ms. Lei the owner of  Flawless Beauty Online. As you can see in the pictures above, I'm happy with the outcome and I'll let you judge for yourself whether the result was successful.  I'm not aiming for that kind of white skin but I'll tell you it's a perfect soap for people like me, who have sensitive drama queen skin.   I would highly recommend without regret! Go and try it yourself!

Second, If you're following me on Twitter / Facebook Fan Page, you probably know that I've got four skirts from Dress Diaries Shop last week! I'm digging to have one lately and super thanks to Marylou Briones for being a generous sponsor! You wanna see the skirts? Check it here, Lovely Skirts. I'm giving away the 1st and 4th skirt. You want one? Then join our on going Hermosa Octofest Giveaway. Just click the button below. :down: Goodluck and Thanks! That's all for now folks! xo, lalala 

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