Lazy Hazy Sunday

Crissa Top | DKNY Shorts |  EGG Bag | Accessories from Local Store | Chick Flick Heels

How's your Sunday guys? I'm sharing my outfit awhile ago! I'm running out of idea so I paired my plaid polo into a plain denim black shorts with flats. Just something I pulled out of my closet! Hah! It's unplanned outfit though.:peace: Thanked God I didn't use my heels because the place was kinda muddy in sections and there are some "bridges" to cross.  Anyway, hope you like my simple get up. Hype it! Thank you! :uptum:

Just updating my blog 'cause i'm going to be a busy bee again this coming week. Got payback duty.  So, I hope you are all ending your week great! Ciao! Xo, lalala 
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