How's everyone going? I'm back from a 2-day workweek! Hah!  It's my first time working alone, so it's a challenge for me! The first day was a tough day for me. I feel so tired! I've been standing the whole session while taking photos of the participants but nevertheless I enjoyed it! You wanna know why?  Because they feed us 3 times a day? Mehe! :uptum: If BPI will allow me, I'll share some photos with you anytime! 

Anyway what's with my photos? I gave that maxi dress to my bestfriend! A simple birthday present! Yay or nay? Hope she likes it! Thanks to Jubi of Doo Beep Shop for the dress! Visit their shop for other lovely clothes.  Don't forget to join our on going giveaway. Click the button below! Until my next post. xo, lalala 
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