Reviews & Giveaway

Hi guys! As promised! Before proceeding to the details of the review and giveaway products, I will be sharing 'some' photos from my 2-days work to you. Pardon me, it's literally 'some photos'. Haha :peace: Anyway, you can see photos from our work on our Facebook page, Clique Production!
What I wore during the first day of work and suddenly I feel so hot with my formal attire! So, I decided to wear Jeans & Tee the next day!  The second photo was given to me by one of the participants, He's so amazing!
It's doodle time! Look! Another participant gave me this bag! Excellent job! :uptum:
Somebody sketched me unknowingly. Yay!  And I just painted my nails to Regular Vamp! Getting ready for halloween! Spooky! 
Alright! Time for reviews & giveaways products! 
Another lenses for review from Uniqso! Thank you! 
& a DHC eyelash tonic too!
Bought these accessories! I think I need one black cuff.
Since spiky and neons are trendy! I bought some for myself! Love it! Don't you? 
Spiky headband!
I love collar necklace these days, so I didn't think twice I grab this neon collar necklace right away! :peace:
I bought neon polka dots for my sister in law too. A reward presence 
I'm digging to have one ombre neon shorts! I just fell in love with this.  Thanks to Bubbles
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