My Everyday Make Up

Shhh. This is my secret... 

  • Unbranded Beige Primer
  • Maybelline GD - #1 Autumn Spirit
  • Fashion 21 Single Blush On #6
  • Maybelline New Watershine Pure BC11
  • KkCenterHk After-Bright Natural Eyelashes - AFTER S220
  • Uniqso Barbie Contact Lens
  • Pepper Mint Ponytails
Peppermint Ponytails Review
  • Don't you love how they customized each hair accessories for you? Hey it's an effort! I honestly like their hair clips and bow ponytails not just because the owner happens to be my best friend but they really satisfy each customers desire/s!  :uptum: Sounds cool, doesn't it? Try their head bands too! They sell customized-handmade hair accessories in a very affordable prices! Check their Facebook now - Pepper Mint

Lens Review

Dueba Barbie Puffy 3 Tone in Brown
DIA : 16.5 mm
B.C : 8.6
Water : 38 %
Life span : 1 year

Pardon my eyes! haha It's both my right eye. I flipped it! 
Though the lens don't aim for natural looking, it still blend so well with my natural eyes. I'd still use it with or without occasion. 

It didn't irritate my eyes even it's 16.5 mm. That's huge! Believe me or not, it still give a comfortable feeling. I could wear it 6-8 hours without the eye drops but of course I brought it all the time for emergency. :uptum:

I really love the packaging with a thank you greeting on it.  Not just their packaging but their lens case too, a neon green!  Wanna see how cute their packaging was? Check it here  They have a very good service!

OVERALL: ★★★★☆
It was my first time to collaborate with Lee Lee, the owner of Uniqso and she's very kind enough to every conversation that we had. It's my first to wear a "Barbie" Lens and Lee Lee didn't fail my sensitive eyes with the new lenses. It blend so well like make up!   So if you're looking for a huge dolly eye lenses, try these it won't give you a pain in the ass like other lenses! Check their site now and avail my discount code: "lalalapatricia" to get lesser prices. Enjoy! :peace:
 Full Face Photos

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