The Fairy Hobmother returns!

Do you believe in fairies? I know what you think, so childish right? I too thought of that at first until I stumbled upon a blog about a fairy who doesn't grants wishes but generously giving gifts as a reward for all your hard blogging! :peace: Still don't believe me? I know you already have an idea who I am talking about. Let me tell you how I met...

The Fairy Hobmother 
Early last month as I bumped into someone's blog post about him. He's quite famous and I've been so curious about him spreading some 2013 joy and happiness across the blogosphere! So to stop my curiosity like any other bloggers I tried my luck too! I emailed and tweeted him but didn't expect anything.  Just last week I emailed someone and sad to say he replied he's afraid that he's moving away from Philippine blogs for a few months to try and catch up with the rest of the world, but told me he will bear me in mind when he head back here. I'm pretty shocked because it was him whom I emailed that day. Though I felt sad I'm still replying to his tweets and just this morning as I woke up checking my mails he emailed back! 

The Fairy Hobmother returned with some good news and he wants to reward me from my hard blogging. :uptum: Isn't that so sweet of him? He just gave me an early birthday gift! Thanks Fairy Hobmother! 

Do you write a blog? The Fairy Hobmother loves to get e-mails, it lights up his life when people #think he's important enough to track down.  You'll never know he might grant you something as well! Get in touch with him and his fairy overlords at Lancaster and share some love! You can tweet him a sweet message too - @FairyhobmotherA great many gifts in his magical woodland! Let me know if you know him. Until my next post. Xo, lalala