The Magic of Macy's

The Magic of Macy's...

"A brand is an idea or concept that holds a company together. A Brand includes everything from a logo, slogan, and company colors. With Macy's the brand is clear. Their logo is a star, their slogan is "the magic of Macy's, and their colors are red. All of these aspects are key items creating the Macy's experience. It is these concepts the companies Branding and marketing department has come up with to give people the feeling of dressing like a star for affordable prices, while still getting treated like a celebrity while shopping in stores.

The Magic instilled in this company lies everywhere. Its in the commercials, showing extravagant situations and impossible scenarios, filled with celebrities and glamour  giving the idea Macy's can fill anyone hearts with happiness. " - The Magic Behind Macy's

I'd love to visit this store! Positive feed backs everywhere. As I was working on this post my aunt accidentally saw it and told me  that she was able to shop here. "They have beautiful pieces that would make you feel a star!" -My Aunt said. Isn't that amazing? Not only all over the net but I got sources from someone who's close to me. :uptum: Let me share you some of my picks from Macy's Magic! Let me share you some of my favourite shoes from Macy's!

Walk tall in these funky prints. Steve Madden's Pammy platform wedges put pattern at the forefront of your more pressing shoe decisions. Nowadays, you can see aztec prints everywhere and it totally standout with effortless outfit. 

All eyes will be on you, once you slip these beauties on. Steve Madden's Bold platform pumps are toweringly tall and feature dramatic studs all along the toe. Don't you love that? If you want to get compliments every time, you wear these! It will look great with a pair of skinny jeans to dress them up or a sexy black dress. Let that little details shine! :uptum:

Super tall and incredibly feminine. The Even platform dress sandals by Jessica Simpson feature a beautiful floppy bow on the vamp. This is for women who is so in touch with her feminine side and who loves bow/lacey tandem! :peace:

Delightfully studded. STEVEN by Steve Madden's  Astrro t-strap platform sandals are wrapped in suede and topped with neat lines of metallic studs. Catapult your look into the upper echelons of style! It can make any legs look sexy. So many schemes for these sexy platforms! 

Sparkle with each step you take. Steve Madden's Angelina platform sandals are sweet and shimmery, the perfect going-out shoe. Hey its a very gorgeous shoe that will dress up any simple outfit and it will surely look stunning on your feet! Perfect for wedding or evening occasions. Definitely a must to have in your closet! 
Of course, If you’re not used to heels, you can always wear flatsHeels were definitely not an option. All-over animal print makes this trendy silhouette really pop. The Princess smoking flats by Bebe feature suede piping detail along the border. 

How about you? Did you ever heard about Macy? Check their awesome pieces and you might fall in love with it! Try Macy's Magic now! Xo, lalala