The whispers of my truest self...

I listen and respect my deepest desires for they are the whispers of my truest self!

Round Sunnies Fab Kikay | K's Bonnet | Thrifted Top | GAP Jumper | Five by five wedges

Denims, high knee socks, creepers and other trends inspires me these past few days! So, I was inspired to wear this 'forever-stocked-in-my-closet' denim jumper yesterday during our review. Just exclude the high knee socks / wedges and I opted to wear my flats instead.

I'm looking for a black loose top to match the jumper but I just got some white ones. So, I wore this black sequence top instead to add some details to my outfit and tried matching it with a long socks plus the wedges. I ended up wearing K's bonnet and the round sunnies! What can you say? I hope my outfit went well! Just a not so typical chilling outfit for you guys. Yay or nay? Don't forget the love button up there. Have a long weekend! Xo, lalala