Back2Back Giveaway

Back2Back Giveaway to light up your summer by:

Summer is just around the corner and we are all getting another opportunity to show off our newest summer outfits. But before anything else, happy March everyone! I can smell my gala uniform, toga, diplomas...some graduation stuff! Just a few days to go and goodbye college life already. I'm that excited and nervous as well! Haha

So as promised, let's all welcome the month of March with a new giveaway! Are you ready to polish up your summer look? Let me and tauyanm do it for you! Hope you like it...

'STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS. Floral prints can lift your mood like real flowers would!' 

Celebrate summer with your favorite floral print top, a brightly colored floral arrangements for voguish allure. Floral prints signal that summer is fast approaching!

Aside from new trendy tops and dresses, handbags are an important part of our whole outfit.The light colors like white, orange, yellow and pink, are all suitable for summer. However, the orange pastel looks amazing because it can match many of your summer outfits. In addition to looking beautiful, it comes with a shoulder strap to free both of your hands and perfectly for a chic look.

Getting giddy to have it? Here's how to join!
Two lucky winners will light up their summer on March 29, 2013 via Rafflecopter!
This giveaway is open internationally! Enjoy. Xo, lalala