D & J coming soon...

Clique Production's first pre-nuptial shoot!

How did the nurse meet the office girl?

Spend the weekend together on first date...

Main Photographer: yours truly | Assisted by: Meryll Catalan & Klei Go |
Post processing: Jolaz Dizon

I've been very busy these past few days because of this graduation thing but of course I still have time for my work especially for this first prenuptial shoot with Clique. I'm so happy to see happy couples sharing their sweetness with each other on and off cam but that doesn't mean I will tie the knot soon! Not yet! Haha

For the first set, the couple decided to wear 'when a nurse and office girl meets' outfit! It's really how they met. Darwin and Jen met at the photocopy machine in her office. Things that always happen in movies and rare in real life. Amazing!

Second set, A casual first date. Hanging out in the park, reminiscing all their 'first' together. 

Third Set, Camping under the stars. The beauty of camping is being able to watch the starry skies with your another half. 

That's the end of our shoot. Clique Prodcution always try it's best to capture a truly one of a kind photo! As they say, connection to your subject is the key to awesome portraits. I really wanna thank my team for letting me grabbed the opportunity to be the main photographer that time. I know in myself that I'm not that professional yet but through my experiences I will be better and better in no time!

How about you? What's up for March? Are you a busy bee like me or already planning to tie the knot soon? Haha just kidding. Just wanna update my blog by sharing these sweet photos from Clique Production. For inquiries, feel free to email us at clique_production@yahoo.com. Xo, lalala