"It's a Girl Thing" Giveaway

"It's a Girl Thing" Giveaway by
Rhea Bue x Yours truly 

Last final exams was finally over! To all my hardships through the college years, I have four graduation giveaways for this month and 1 sponsored giveaway for you guys. Here's my 2nd giveaway with bebedoll and we’ll be giving tons of prizes to one lucky girl. How to join? Just so simple!
Easy as pie right? To complete your entry, answer this simple question by
dropping a comment along with your name and email address:
What makes a girl, a GIRL?
Essay answer will be judged by us split into 50%-50%. The best answer wins! Impress us! Goodluck! :peace:
Giveaway until April 10, 2013. Xo, lalala