Femenino Boho

I choose to focus on how far I have come, instead of how far I have to go...

 DIY Head dress | Yihao Long Vest | Spiga Dress | Scarlet heels from Chelsea

I went to Femenino "feminine" boho during our review awhile ago. Though I paired this dress with an oversized knit sweater just because I saw this long vest late! Haha

The dress and vest perfectly clashed! Plain over printed pieces? Why not! Florals never fail to meet my feminine side plus the DIY head dress! Ended up pairing the heels from Chelsea cause' it's colors seems meant for the dress and the vest! What you think? 

If you're getting trouble in pairing your clothes or add a little spice on it, just think of the color that fits the other like the dress and the shoes or the bag and the shoes, etc! Colors truly helps...if you don't have any hues or shades that matches the other, wear anything black pair it with bags, accessories, heels or flats and you are ready to go! Til' my next post! Xo, lalala